It's crazy to think that the same guy who said that "George Bush doesn't like black people" is the same person who's openly supporting Donald Trump. It should come as no surprise that after he tweeted his appreciation for Candace Owens, even more right wing pundits would come to defend and support Kanye West including Bill O'Reilly, Scott Adams and InfoWars' Alex Jones. After 'Ye put the "thought police" on blast, Alex Jones' switched the tune of his criticisms towards 'Ye and actually invited him to his show.

Alex Jones has sent an invite to Kanye West while applauding him for recent statements he made on Twitter a.k.a his real time philosophy book, "Break The Simulation." The rapper's recent comments about freedom of thought seemed to have won over some people who would've once been his biggest critics. 'Ye wrote, "We have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought. The thought police want to suppress freedom of thought." 

Jones later dedicated a portion of his segment to apologize to Kanye West. He later invited him to the show on Twitter. "I admire your bold moves against the thought police. And if you want to see these control-freak vampires really go crazy, please join me on my broadcast!" He wrote.

In addition to Jones' support, Bill O'Reilly also defended Kanye West for his recent comments during a lengthy post on his website. In addition, "Dilbert" creator, who's been an outspoken Trump supporter, shared a video about how "Kanye showed the way to the golden age."