Alex Jones is certainly one of the biggest political hacks of our time. Let's face it, you can be right-leaning, you can be left-leaning, but you can also be certified crazy, and that's exactly the group Jones finds himself in on a daily basis. The InfoWars host has been peddling a lot of crazy theories throughout the course of the Coronavirus pandemic and now, he has gone full "mask off;" claiming that he is ready to resort to cannibalism if need be.

"I'll admit it. I will eat my neighbors," Jones said Friday. "I won't have to for a few years 'cause I got food and stuff. ... But I'm literally looking at my neighbors now and going, 'I'm ready to hang 'em up and gut 'em and skin 'em. My daughters aren't starving to death. I will eat my neighbors...I will."

Jones eventually took his rant a step further, acknowledging that he would rather not become a cannibal. However, he has clearly put quite a bit of thought into this.

"You think I like sizing up my neighbor?" he continued. "I'm gonna haul him up by a chain and chop his ass up! I'll do it! My children aren't going hungry. I will eat your ass! And that's what I want the globalists to know—I will eat your ass first."

If you are one of Jones' neighbors, it would probably be best to either move or get a restraining order. In fact, if you're a dinner guest at Jones', it would probably be best not to eat the soup. You never know what could be floating around in there.