Ever since Wednesday's violent storming of the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob seeking to prevent a smooth transfer of power to president-elect Biden from occurring, the search for who to blame for the riot has since commenced. While blame was instantly placed on Trump himself, new details are uncovering the extent of the president's connection to the unruly mob and the search for the individuals responsible might have just got a lot easier. While attempting to blame Antifa for the attempted coup, far-right political radio host Alex Jones accidentally revealed that he was directed by the White House to lead the crowd in days in advance.   

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

On The Alex Jones Show, he disclosed to viewers, "And then the White House told me three days before, “We’re going to have you lead the march. The Secret Service — before Trump finishes, 30 minutes before — so we’ll lead you to a point, take you out of the front row and lead you to the place where they want you to start the march and Trump will tell people, ‘Go, and I’m going to meet you at the Capitol.’”

He continued, "There was a million people outside of the Ellipse that was — you know, metal detectors, folks coming in. And so, by the time I got out there 20 minutes, 30 minutes before Trump finished his speech there were already hundreds of thousands of people ahead of me marching."

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

As recommended by a Trump advisor, he then hammered in the current administration take on point the finger at Antifa. “They had their classic elbow pads and knee pads, because that’s what the wimps wear, out there screaming, ‘F Antifa’ and Proud Boy chants to try and blame the Proud Boys,” Jones said. 

If there is truth to Jones' claims, Trump might be facing some serious trouble for the rioting