Alex Rodriguez spent some time flipping burgers, clearing tables and mopping the bathroom floors at one of the Wahlburgers chains over the weekend, thanks to a little wager he made with Mark Walhberg.

According to A-Rod's most recent instagram post, he had to put in work at the Wahlburgers location near Fenway Park because the Red Sox swept the Yankees last month - and he did it all with a smile on his face. In fact, Rodriguez admits that he actually enjoyed himself.

His IG post reads,

"It was time to me to hold up my end of the deal and report for duty to the @wahlburgers location near Fenway Park. Today, I had to do a little bit of everything - greet customers, flip burgers, clear tables, and yes, mop the bathroom floor. But what I thought was going to be a tough day turned out to be a day I really enjoyed."

"The people in New England were incredibly hospitable. I'm sure they were in a great mood with both the Red Sox at home today and the @Patriots opening their season here, too. I was grateful for the way I was treated, and hey, I even got a free lunch in the deal."

"Now, I need to double down and hopefully get Mark in the Bronx sometime. #GoYankees"

Wahlberg had this to say: "Needless to say, Alex failed miserable in his prediction ... So, now he has to show the greatest fans in the world how to get his hands dirty and serve up some delicious Wahlburgers. What do you say Alex? It’s time to go to work, buddy. Start flipping ’em."

Check out footage of A-Rod's day as a Wahlburgers employee in the post embedded below.