Alex Rodriguez was the victim of a serious invasion of privacy when a photo went viral that saw him sitting on the toilet. “Alex’s lawyers are all over this. They are working hard to find out who the culprit is. It is a clear breach of privacy. The photo was obviously taken from the building next door, from a floor possibly parallel to Alex’s apartment. One of the hedge funds in the building next door will be getting a big lawsuit," Alex's lawyer said of the shot. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

The former baseball player has now followed up on the matter, even more, clarifying that he's in fact not going to sue but rather invest in some blinds. “I’m certainly not suing,” he explained on Fox5’s Good Day New York. “The one thing is, I actually do my best thinking there! I wasn’t ready for the picture. It is what it is … I have to invest in some good blinds, and I think I am.”

While A-Rod won't sue, he's still going to continue the investigation so something like this doesn't happene again. “It’s really a weird thing,” he added. “I’m happier that it was me [rather than] my better half or one of the children.”