Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez this past weekend while the two were on a relaxing beach vacation. The two have been dating for a while now and it was only a matter of time before they tied the knot. J Lo officially announced the engagement a couple of days ago with a picture of a ring on her finger. In some of the latest photos posted to Instagram, J Lo can be seen giving us even more images of the ring which looks pretty huge and would make any future bride jealous. The pictures also show A-Rod down on one knee and J Lo in quite a bit of shock. 

While everyone is looking at J Lo's new ring, sports fans with attention for detail probably noticed how A-Rod actually wore his 2009 New York Yankees World Series ring during the proposal. Rodriguez was a huge part of that World Series-winning team which was his first and only title in his 22-year career. 

What's interesting is that the World Series ring is actually larger than J Lo's engagement ring. Obvious A-Rod still has a ton of competitive spirit left in him, even when he's proposing to a long-time girlfriend. 

The big question now is what's worth more...A-Rod's ring or J Lo's?