Washinton quarterback Alex Smith says he has been cleared for full-contact football activity by his medical team. Smith suffered a life-threatening leg injury in November 2018 and has not returned to the field since.

Washington, Alex Smith, InjuryJoe Robbins / Getty Images

"Everyone was in agreement that my bone was in a really good place," Smith told ESPN on Friday. "I had healed a lot. They said that given the combination of the rod and where I was with the healing process, I had zero limitations and could even resume some football activities.

"To hear them say that, from a life standpoint, they wouldn't restrict me from doing anything -- I could go skiing or snowboarding tomorrow if I wanted -- then on top of that, to get the green light that I could practice, get contact, that I had healed up, that much was pretty wild to hear. I didn't know if I would ever hear those words."

Smith is a three-time Pro Bowler and hopes, through a solid showing at practice, he can prove he still deserves a spot in Washinton. "For me, all eyes are on practice," Smith explained. "That's the next step. I have to go prove to myself and certainly to everybody else that I can go practice."