Alex Smith was having a great campaign with the Washington Football Team back in 2018, although it took a devastating turn when his leg was shattered in a game. It was one of the most brutal leg injuries in football history with some saying it was even worse than what had happened to Joe Theisman. The injury was so bad that Smith had to receive multiple surgeries and even developed an infection that almost took his life.

Remarkably, Smith has been determined to get back on the field and has been working out extremely hard to get into a position where he can become the team's starter again. Today, Smith became one step closer to that goal as the Washington Football Team declared him officially fit to practice.

Football fans expressed their congratulations for Smith who has shown nothing but determination and perseverance over the last year and a half. It wasn't too long ago that he was wearing a massive boot on his leg that helped keep his bones in place. Now, he is fully healthy and he has the potential to get this Washington team back on track.

Hopefully, this comeback extends well into next season.