Washinton Football Team quarterback Alex Smith has survived the team's preseason cuts and will officially be a member of the team's 53-man roster. Smith suffered a horrific leg injury that nearly cost him his career two years ago.

Alex Smith, Washington Football TeamMike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Head coach Ron Rivera confirmed the news saying he's "comfortable" playing Alex Smith Week 1 vs. the Eagles if need be. This would be the first time Smith has taken the field since Nov. 18, 2018, when he broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg. For now, he will backup Dwayne Haskins.

“You naturally build up a ton of walls, wondering what you’ll ever be capable of again, wondering what life will be like,” Smith said during training camp. “I’ve spent a long time thinking about those things, that inner voice in your head. So for me, ever since I’ve kind of been on the road to recovery, to see what I can do and to knock down those walls. Obviously started with my first step as I kind of re-learned to walk, and progressed from there. I think there’s been a list to that and certainly priorities, and I’ve achieved so many of those.

“I think, for me though and to a lot of people it may seem kind of counterintuitive, I think as it keeps going, certainly here I’ve played quarterback a long time, this is one of those ones where you wonder if I’ll be able to do again and it’s still sitting out there. When you get closer and closer to it, I think it just fuels it even more. I think it’d be like running a marathon and getting close to the end of the race. I think even more that competitiveness kicks in, and I want to see if I can do it.”

Smith has been selected to three Pro Bowls throughout his 15-year career.