The lead up to this Saturday's UFC 232 light heavyweight main event between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson has been interesting, to say the least. Jones recently tested positive in a drug test which forced the UFC to move the fight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Then yesterday during the press conference for the event, Jones and Dana White got defensive when a female reporter pressed them about the aforementioned drug test. Now Jones' opponent, Gustafsson, has come through with some trash talk courtesy of TMZ Sports.

"I will dominate every round," Gustafsson exclaimed. "You will not survive this."

The Swedish-born fighter added to the trash talk by saying he is "ready for war" and that he is very confident that he can beat Jones. Gustafsson also commented on Jones' failed drug test saying "This guy gets confidence by putting sh*t in his body. He's always been like that, I'm not surprised."

Saturday will be the second time these two men have fought. The first time was in UFC 165 in Toronto back in 2013 where Jones won in a Round 5 decision.

Who do you think is going to take the fight on Saturday?