In late December, fashion mogul Alexander Wang was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting many models throughout his career. According to a statement obtained by Page Six Style, the designer vehemently denies the claims made against him. 

Wang’s social status and party-filled lifestyle is a significant part of what his luxury brand represents, which is why, as he explains, these “baseless allegations” seem so easy to believe. His statement, which was sent to his employees on Monday, reads, “Firstly, I’d like to take the opportunity to connect directly with the people who have helped me grow this brand into what it is today and address the recent false, fabricated and mostly anonymous accusations against me.”

Alexander Wang Bella Hadid
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Wang continues, “While I have always been active in my social life, frequently attending various industry gatherings, parties and concerts where drugs and alcohol were present… but contrary to what has been said, I have never taken advantage of others in a sexual manner or forced anything on anyone without consent. I also have never abused my status or fame for my own benefit.”

The designer claims that the only reason these allegations have been able to spread is due to large social media accounts who choose to disregard fact-checking or evidence. Some of the models who accused Wang of sexual assault are now being represented by Lisa Bloom, the former attorney of Harvey Weinstein. Other models, such as Anna Ewers and Alice Barlow, have come rushing to Wang’s defense, saying that they have only had positive encounters with him. 

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It seems as though the claims surrounding Alexander Wang are incredibly polarized, and there is no doubt that further investigation needs to be done to determine the future of Wang’s career in fashion.