Men often place themselves at the "front" of relationships as they have been conditioned to be providers, caregivers, leaders, and protectors. Their partners typically take their last names in marriage and it's normal for a couple to be referred to by a man's surname like "The Smiths," for example, but Alexis Ohanian doesn't seem to adhere to all of those rules.

The co-founder of Reddit married Serena Williams back in 2017 and the happy couple shares a daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Often, the media refers to Ohanian as "Serena Williams's husband," and that's something the entrepreneur says he doesn't mind at all.

Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, Husband, Marriage, Tennis
Jim Spellman / Stringer / Getty Images

Like many other tennis husbands, Ohanian is often seen sitting in the stands as he cheers on his award-winning wife. On Twitter, someone told Ohanian that they "love how you don't mind that they call you Serena William's husband" after seeing another tweet about him watching a gymnast competition with his daughter.

He replied, "I'll be a self-made billionaire one day and most people will still know me as Serena's husband (or Olympia's dad) and that's fine by me." Many applauded Ohanian for being secure enough to recognize that his tennis champion and sports icon wife deserves just as much recognition as he does.

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