Alexis Skyy is hogging most of the attention from her castmates of the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Last week, fans were questioning her use of Medicaid and this week, they are focused on figuring out who blessed the mother with her 8-month-old daughter. Alexis Skyy says the "Trap Queen" rapper Fetty Wap is the father but he is unwilling to take a paternity test. Meanwhile, another rapper called Solo Lucci claims the baby as his own and welcomes the test. A relatively simple dilemma was posed and social media has asserted their possession of the solution: Judge Lauren Lake.

Prince Wiliam/Getty Images

Social media users have been clamoring for Judge Lake to get involved in the drama. Lake, who is the star of Paternity Court, heard their call and filmed a response video that was uploaded to Instagram. She said she would be happy to be of assistance: “I’ve been getting a lot of shout outs today … concerning some ‘Love and Hip Hop’ New York paternity drama. If you need me you know we’ll get the answers for you." 

Skyy's daughter is already facing a rough start, having been born with various health conditions. A stable family unit will hopefully form for her sake.