There are plenty of people in the world that would love to be in Alexis Skyy's position in life, yet the star is out here complaining about being well-known and famous on social media.

In her defense, Skyy always manages to find her name in the wrong kind of headlines. Just the other day, she was being dragged for her comments about Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby, beefing with the former and claiming to have spent romantic time with the latter. However, she was the one who decided to make said statement and, in return, the wrong kind of attention was returned to her. Now, she's out here whining about being famous and it just seems a little contradictory to her followers.

Alexis Skyy
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

"I swear y’all don’t understand how frustrating & annoying it is being known everywhere & famous," wrote the reality star on Twitter. "Of course, it has its perks & advantages!! but when nothing u say or do is private & everything is magnify for the worlds opinion & slander. It slowly takes a toll on you."

The replies to her tweet are almost solely clowning her, with fans unsure of why she feels so frustrated when she's the one who decides to press "send" on all of her so-called private happenings. 

What do you make of this? Should she be complaining?