People who are involved in violent physical altercations often know why their throwing fisticuffs with their opponents. Yet, Alexis Skyy insists that she has no idea why she and Blac Chyna had it out at a party. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star spoke with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked and was asked if the rumors about her and Blac Chyna fighting at a nightclub were true. 

Alexis Skyy, Blac Chyna
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

"That was at a house party," Alexis clarified. "I don't have a problem with Chyna. Everybody knows Chyna's crazy. Chyna is just Chyna. Chyna is a bad b*tch, I have no problems with her. She just came up to me like, 'Hey Lex, what's up?' We spoke. We were speaking about our kids. 'How's Laiya, how's everything going?' I'm asking about how Dream is. Next thing you know she's grabbing me. I'm like, the f*ck?"

Alexis maintains she was caught off guard and tried asking people with Blac Chyna if she was okay. "I didn't want to embarrass her, so...anyway, it just turned left and at that point, it was on and poppin'." They haven't necessarily resolved their issues because Alexis Skyy admitted that they don't speak. "I just think it's been left alone and like I said, there's no beef on my end."

"I honestly don't know what the beef is about," she added. "I've been friends with Rob [Kardashian] for so long, before she was even with him. We've never done anything." However, following the incident with Blac Chyna, she decided to be "petty" and visited Rob at his house. She said she was upset and embarrassed by the altercation with Blac Chyna, especially because she was "dragged out of an L.A. party with so many celebrities." Watch her interview in full below.