Love & Hip Hop cast members Akbar V and Alexis Skyy got into an altercation while leaving a club, which has continued to play out into a full mess on social media. 

Akbar V took the physical fight to another level by coming for Alexis Skyy’s disabled daughter who had nothing to do with the argument.

Akbar bluntly stated in a video rant, “You got a braindead baby. Your baby ain’t got a f***ing brain, b*tch you got a r*tarded child, and you mentioning my children.” She even took it further by attempting to blame Alexis for her daughter’s condition, suggesting drug use by saying, “While you was pregnant, you was in Miami on a boat snorting powder.”

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Social media did not take Akbar V’s behavior well at all and shamed her for even bringing a child into the drama.

After the backlash, Akbar took to social media to apologize, noting that her behavior was unacceptable. She said that she is willing to change by stating, “I’m going to therapy and really about to heal myself...lay lay I apologize and to any other special needs kids that I offended.” 

Alexis Skyy screenshotted the apology and shared it with the caption, “Apology Not Accepted - Sincerely Alaiya Mother.” Fans applauded Alexis for standing up for her daughter and not tolerating Akbar’s behavior. On a Shade Room post, one fan commented, “Alexis ain’t wrong for her response either ... you can’t come back for that or even forgive that.

With no reconciliation in sight, the costars' friendship seems to be a thing of the past for now.