Travis Scott's collaboration with McDonald's has produced endless meme content, including videos of teenage boys barging through their local fast-food restaurants and obnoxiously asking for some Travy Patties while blasting "Sicko Mode". 

His latest merchandise offering has been at the subject of social media critique too, with many clowning the puff-printed designs on his final drop from the collaboration

The meal itself, which is just a glorified Quarter Pounder with extra bacon, has also been picked apart by people like NLE Choppa, who asked his fans to swear away from fast-food and start growing their own fruits and vegetables in their gardens. 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

While she's not exactly preaching veganism or sustainable food options, Alexis Skyy is on board with the Travis and McD's slander, trying out the meal and immediately wanting to regurgitate.

Posting a picture of her receipt, which includes the Travis Scott meal, the Love & Hip Hop star wrote on Instagram Stories: "I'm sorry but I have to throw up after eating that shit."

Her reaction has been shared by hundreds, however, a larger number of people seem to be loving the meal, causing food shortages at some McDonald's locations

Have you tried out the Travis Scott meal yet or did you listen to NLE Choppa Chakra's advice like Jack Harlow?