Alexis Skyy seems to always be in the middle of some drama even when she's not on Love & Hip-Hop. Things between her and Solo Lucci were heated in 2018 after the rapper claimed he was the father of her daughter with Fetty Wap. Earlier this year, she revealed the paternity tests which confirmed that Lucci wasn't the father. In the latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York, Skyy shares the reveal with Lucci and receives her rightful apology.

Skyy pulls up on Lucci of his photoshoot to share the results of the paternity test which she says she agreed to in order to put the drama to rest. "The DNA reports states this: the alleged father is excluded as the biological father of the tested child," she said. "Lucci is not her father like the fuck I said," she added.

After breaking the news to him, she demanded that he apologize. Although the VH1 editors added an unnecessary dramatic pause, he apologized to her for starting this beef.

"I apologize," he said. "I'm glad that we can get this closure. Like I just feel like the shit got way out of hand. I feel like me and you were better than that... Like fuck a relationship, forget a relationship, like that's cool, that was short-lived. Me and you was better than that, period. On a personal level, like we rock, girl."

Alexis Skyy also apologized if he felt she disrespected him throughout this debacle. "So we gonna be cool, then we gonna be cool. We gonna make a promise to each other that you're not gonna go on the Internet and say my name and I won't go on the Internet and say your name no more.

Peep the clip below.