Rod Wave was set to perform at Morris Brown College this weekend but, when he and his team of approximately thirty people walked onto the stage, it collapsed beneath them

People have been placing the blame on Rod Wave, with fat-shamers giving him advice on how to avoid another stage collapse but, in reality, the scary incident likely happened as a fluke, or because of the size of the rapper's entourage.

Alexis Skyy was surprisingly part of the crew that walked onto the stage, falling through and sustaining minor injuries. She took to Instagram to speak about why she was there, showing off her bruises from the fall.

She appears to have contusions on her leg, but it's not anything that shouldn't disappear in a few days. Speaking on why she was with Rod for the performance, Alexis Skyy said:

"Ugh. I'm just bruised everywhere and my body is just in so much pain, you never feel anything until the next day. Y'all that shit was crazy. Mind you I just had surgery a week ago, so now I'm in more pain."

In the comments, Alexis explained further.

"I’m actually a FAN of rod if you know me I literally listen to all his music !! & I was payed to be on the stage to host," she said.

Thankfully, it looks like everyone is alright after the stage collapse. We're crossing our fingers for a speedy recovery for Alexis Skyy.