Fans are calling for Alexis Skyy to send out an S.O.S. for help if needed after a clip circulated showing her boyfriend, Trouble, holding her by the neck. The couple has been the center of social media chatter after they recently hosted a "Cucumber Challenge" party where Alexis was filmed inserting the vegetable into a woman's nether regions. People chastised Alexis for her behavior, resulting in Trouble publicly speaking up on behalf of his woman. The pair have been showing off their affection on social media, and recently a brief interaction during their vacation gave some fans a cause for concern as they believe she looked uncomfortable.

In the video, Alexis said, "I love him telling me what to do," as she's smiling while Trouble gripped her neck with one hand. At the same time, Trouble pressed his face against hers with a serious expression, always focused on Alexis as she talked to the man behind the camera. She looks happy to be with him, however, when she placed her hand on his, fans suggested she was making some type of signal. Alexis moved her head at one point in what looked to be a reposition to show Trouble affection, but he remained firm without sharing a kiss. Alexis added, "I follow what he says" and cheerfully stated, "I been his since four years ago" before the clip cuts out.

In her Instagram Story, Alexis shared that she and Trouble are currently enjoying living the good life in Miami. The couple hit up a couple of clubs on one evening and the following day Alexis relaxed poolside with her daughter before going boating with her man. Trouble responded to allegations that he was being too rough with Alexis by commenting on The NEighborhood Talk's post.

"Never Beat on a female in my life and never will.. I jus knock that Bottom loose as she loves me to," he wrote. "We preshate yall concern an worry though."