Crocs with tube socks are an actual, real life thing now, thanks to the brand's new collaboration with streetwear brand Alife.

The Alife "Sock Crocs," retailing for $140, come fully equipped with white socks attached to the white crocs which is a bizarre look in its own right, but it is far from the only questionable piece in the collection.

In addition to the sock crocs, Alife has also created a grey pair of crocs that includes a 3D skyline made from Jibbitz. Those gaudy clogs are priced at $600. There's also a more toned down grey pair that has "Alife" stamped across them in bold, black lettering, which is set to release for $80.

The full Alife x Crocs collab, including the $140 "Sock Crocs" and the $600 Jibbitz joint, will be available via Alife's website beginning June 14th.