GLOW actress Alison Brie sat down on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert recently, and revealed that while she was attending the 2018 Golden Globes, her sister accidentally stole Seth Rogen's cell phone. Brie, who is married to Dave Franco, James Franco's equally talented brother, was attending the event with her spouse and his entourage, which included Rogen.

Speaking with Colbert, she begins by explaining that her sister was her date while her husband attended the event to support the film The Disaster Artist, in which he stars alongside his brother and Rogen. “My sister came with me as my date, which was lovely and wonderful until she stole Seth Rogen’s cellphone,” she began.“My sister was sitting with me, Dave was sitting with The Disaster Artist table. At one point in the show when my award category was being announced, they switched seats, my sister and Dave, so that my husband and I could hold hands while they announced my category. At which point my sister went and sat between James Franco and Seth Rogen.” That's when the phone swap happened.

“She said, ‘The craziest thing happened. Someone stole Seth’s phone. We’ve been looking everywhere, who would do such a thing?’ And the whole time, I’m shocked,” Brie continued. “We take ten steps and my sister turns to me and says, ‘I have to tell you something. It’s bad.’ And she reaches into her purse and pulls out two identical cell phones. And she’s like, ‘I’m the one who stole Seth’s phone, it was me!’” What does a sibling do when their sister is in trouble? “I turned her in immediately because I felt like it would be great to be seen as the hero in the scenario, especially at my sister’s expense,” Brie admitted.