Yep, the gift that keeps giving is back with yet another public offering. As of Monday (the 6th), all fifteen seasons of Donald Trump's foray into reality television: The Apprentice, can now be streamed for free on a platform called Tubi. The rights for all 192 episodes were secured by the ad-based streaming site/app after much deliberation with MGM's Television subsidiary. 

Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images

Tubi isn't pussyfooting around, as all 15 Seasons will be launched at the same time, including the lone celebrity edition hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger after he ran for office (funny how that comes about). You might be wondering why this came together in the first place, considering no one asked for it, and 15-years is as good a run as any can muster before going stale.

As it turns out, MGM’s worldwide television group is spearheaded by Mark Burnett, the Emmy Award-winning Brit who brought us My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad and Sarah Palin's Alaska to name just a few of the better titles in his catalog. Suffice to say, Burnett also produced Donald Trump's The Apprentice, so you'd have to think in someway motivated by self-interest.

Nevertheless, Tubi founder and CEO Farhad Massoudi is pretty content with his acquisition, and he hopes to offload even more "free content" in the near future. Would anyone in their right mind pay a subscription fee for a lineup headlined by The Apprentice? I'll let the voting public answer that question in 2020.