Allan Kingdom has been blessing us with a number of tracks for a minute. Since December he's dropped off a total of 11 songs, and now he's announced an actual project for us to get our hands on. The Saint Paul, Minnesota based homie will be releasing Peanut Butter Prince on June 11th that will be laced with six tracks produced by Anthony Kilhoffer and all written by Allan.

The last tape we got from Allan was his 14-track album LINES that was released just over a year ago. Before that was his debut tape Northern Lights that really cemented Allan's sound and talent after his feature on Kanye West's "All Day."

"I just don’t like to be sad," Allan stated a few years back when asked how he maintains his positive outlook on life. "I feel that to a certain degree there’s a law of attraction and if I pay attention to things that make me angry, that’s only going to introduce them into my life more. So I literally just ignore things I don’t like. If it’s not good for me emotionally, spiritually, or physically, I will do everything to make sure that I can go around it."

Let the countdown begin.