Justin Vernon, also known as Bon Iver, recently teamed up with Minnesota-based dance company TU Dance to assist on the music side for the dancers to move to. A video of his performance was posted to YouTube and for a moment, his set pauses and we hear a familiar voice come through. Since many music makers use their gigs as a way to preview new and unreleased music, many jumped to the conclusion that the familiar voice was Young Thug and he and Justin were readying a release.

Well, all the Reddit users, Twitter users, and even Fader were wrong. The vocal on the track was that of Allan Kingdom - the Saint Paul resident who is set to release his upcoming tape, Peanut Butter Prince

City Pages reached out to Allan Kingdom via Instagram DM asking if it was, in fact, him during Justin's set. "Yup," he responded, "and the confusion is 'cause of all tha click bait." The publication then asked Allan: "Do you think you sound like Young Thug?" He followed up with: "What type of question is that lolol."

Listen to the set below.