Prior to just a couple of weeks ago, Carmelo Anthony was without an NBA contract and it was looking like his career could be over. In the end, Melo was saved as the Portland Trail Blazers signed him to a non-guaranteed contract. Since then, Melo has been playing quite well and continues to improve

During a recent episode of Complex's "Load Management" podcast, Melo's former teammate in Denver, the legendary Allen Iverson, spoke out about Anthony's struggles to find a team and how they're borderline offensive. Iverson feels like the criticisms against Melo have been unfair and that at this point, every player in the league is bad on defense.

“Everybody is a defensive liability in this league today. I’m trying to tell you, man. This shit is making me mad … I hate that comment right there," Iverson said. “When I was in college — when you think back on it — if any basketball heads in here … you will know what I’m talking about without me saying it.”

Iverson makes an interesting point about Melo and considering how both of their careers have played out, there are certainly similarities here. In fact, Iverson most likely feels this way because he sees a lot of himself in Melo. Now that Anthony is back in the league, we're sure Iverson is feeling just a little bit better these days.