Depending on who you ask, Allen Iverson is one of the most iconic players to ever handle a basketball. The man turned 45-years-old this weekend and, in doing so, he celebrates an important milestone on his path to getting a major payday from Reebok.

According to Darren Rovell of The Action Network, Allen Iverson signed a historic deal with Reebok that guaranteed him a huge sum of money when he turns 55. That deal was worth $32 million and he's officially only 10 years away from cashing in that check.

The ink dried in 2001, which was the year Iverson won the NBA MVP award and led his team to the NBA Finals. 

Reebok already pays the retired hooper just under $1 million as an annual salary, so he'll be pretty comfortable until 2030 when he will become $32 million richer.

AI celebrated his birthday with a post on social media.

"Thank God, I’m blessed to be here right now," he said. "I thank the ppl that helped me and love me for me. U know who u are!!! Ima keep Pushin. All the ppl that love me, I love y’all back. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!"

Happy birthday, AI! You're one step closer to getting the bag.