Almighty Jay (formerly YBN) and Skinnyfromthe9 have been at odds all month and on Tuesday night, the two rappers finally pulled up on one another and fought it out. A video was posted online by Almighty Jay, which allegedly shows the rapper socking Skinny to the ground twice as they fought in an alley.

"N***as be on the internet with all that tough ass shit till they gotta see me in person... @skinnyfromthe9 dropped him twice," wrote Jay on Twitter. "NO JUMPING NO NONE OF THAT."

He posted the video on Instagram too, but he claims that the video got reported and taken down. According to him, Skinny was the one who had the post removed for violating Instagram's community guidelines.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

"N***A GOT MY VIDEO TOOK DOWN LMAOOOOO," he laughed following the fight.

Skinny also posted a video of the fight and he says that his post was also removed, accusing Jay of reporting him. After the fight, Skinny shared a video with his team, showing his face and showing that little damage was done to him, despite the internet saying he took the loss.

Watch the video below and let us know who you think had the upper hand: Skinnyfromthe9 or Almighty Jay?