Aloe Blacc says he expects that misogyny will always play a role in hip-hop music. He explained his pessimistic outlook in an interview with U.K.'s iNews.

Aloe Blacc, MisogynyTibrina Hobson / Getty Images

“I’d love to see it, but I think it will be here forever," Blacc said when asked about asked whether hip-hop will ever distance itself from its misogynistic tropes. "There are too many market forces interested in this kind of activity. It’s attractive until women say it’s not and stop buying the music, start protesting against the labels promoting it, the radio stations investing in it, and the advertisers paying for this content.”

Black says his upcoming album, All Love Everything, will focus more on his personal life and experiences than political topics: “In the past, I’d write a song specifically to combat what I saw in society. At some point, I realized raging against the machine only makes you tired. The machine doesn’t know love, so I thought, ‘Why don’t we throw in something it cannot compute?’ I wanted to humanize our condition so we’re not constantly bombarded by darkness.”

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All Love Everything will be available to stream, October 2, 2020.