Netflix's Altered Carbon enjoyed a successful first season when it dropped earlier this year. The series is based on a book of the same name, which follows Takeshi Kovacs as he investigates the murder of a wealthy man. Altered Carbon is set in the future, and humans have found a way to engineer alien technology to essentially live forever. Humans can download their memories onto a drive and transfer them into different bodies. Still, only the most wealthy people can afford to stock up clones and transferable bodies, while also storing all their memories safely in satellites so no one can destroy them. 

Takeshi Kovac is awoken after being imprisoned for hundreds of years. He was part of a rebellion that sought to stop the future that has come to past. A wealthy man who is looking for his murderer (or the person that killed his last host body), revives Kovac and offers him a shot at a second life if he can track down the killer. In the first season, Kovac was played by Joel Kinnaman. According to Yahoo EntertainmentAnthony Mackie is set to replace Kinnaman for the second season. Altered Carbon takes place over several hundred years, and since humans can switch bodies, there is no need for Kovac's character to be portrayed by the same actor.