Earlier this week, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke about the blown pass interference call at the end of the NFC Championship game two Sundays ago. This call had an effect on the outcome of the game, and the New Orleans Saints feel as though they were cheated out of a Super Bowl birth. Goodell talked about potential changes to replay and how they can improve officiating.

"We will look again at instant replay," Goodell explained according to ESPN. "There have been a variety of proposals over the last, frankly, 15, 20 years on whether replay should be expanded. It does not cover judgment calls; this was a judgment call. The other complication is that it was a no-call. And our coaches and clubs have been very resistant, and there has not been support to date, about having a replay official or somebody in New York throw a flag when there is no flag. They have not voted for that in the past."

Saints star Alvin Kamara wasn't feeling Goodell though saying despite Goodell's claims that he met with the Saints to discuss the call, he never actually did, according to TMZ Sports. He also explained that he has no interest in speaking to the commissioner.

"I'm not gonna talk to him," Kamara said. "Somebody gonna talk to him. He needs to talk to somebody."

Kamara then went on to say that an apology wouldn't help, but that he's working hard to make sure the Saints get to the big game next year.