New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara had himself a hell of a season in his rookie year. The 22-year old star was named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the year as he rushed for 728 yards and racked up 826 receiving yards, making him only the third rookie in league history to compile a 700/700 season. 

Kamara will surely be a center piece in New Orleans' offense once again next season, and he's already preparing to carry the load both literally and figuratively. 

As seen on Kamara's official instagram account, lifting weights simply isn't enough. Hell, lifting the entire weight rack isn't even enough. Instead, Kamara's offseason workout includes lifting the weight rack while simultaneously pulling a jeep down the road. And he's making it all look way too easy.

In a story by MMQB’s Ben Baskin earlier this year, Kamara spoke about playing in New Orleans and what he purchased after that signing bonus came through the wire.

He had no desire to make an outlandish purchase after he was drafted, because there was nothing he wanted. “I got my signing bonus and I put that shit in the bank and I went and got some motherfuckin wings,” he says.

Baskin reports that before going out to a club one night, Kamara ordered “100 BBQ and lemon pepper wings and several colorful daiquiris.” Additionally, Kamara also has a thing for Airheads and he has a drawer in his kitchen filled with his favorite snacks. 

“Airhead Bites, Xtreme Airhead Sour Belts, regular-sized Airheads and mini Airheads—every flavor except Watermelon, because that’s Kamara’s favorite and he’s already eaten all of them.”

Wings, airheads and pulling jeeps. The recipe for success.