Alvin Kamara is one of the best running backs in the entire NFL and for the last few years, his number 41 has been a fixture out on the field. Now, however, numerous players throughout the NFL are contemplating a number change as the league has relaxed its number rules. Certain positions can choose any number they want now, as opposed to before when some numbers were reserved depending on your role on the team. Running backs are a part of this change, as they now have a deeper pool to choose from.

When it comes to Kamara, a rumor circulated recently that he would be changing his number to 99. This had some fans upset as it would mean their Kamara jerseys are now obsolete. Today, Kamara tried to put those rumors to rest as he took to Twitter where he joked about the number he would actually want to change to.

"Lol y’all believe anything... why would I want 99 when 69 exists," Kamara quipped. Of course, 69 is a funny number for numerous reasons, even if those reasons are a bit juvenile. Most of our loyal commenters have certainly thought about using the number when playing on their rec league teams, and we're sure they were quite proud of themselves when they pulled it off.

As for Kamara, it doesn't seem like the Saints star will change his number, anytime soon.

Alvin Kamara

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images