The current season of Love & Hip Hop Miami is full of fights and drama, but it seems like many of the scenes center around Amara La Negra. The Afro-Dominican Latin singer first caught the attention of LHH fans during the debut season of the franchise's Miami show last year. Both she and producer Young Hollywood, real name Elijah Sárraga, got into it after he made some disparaging remarks about her appearance when it came to her ability to cross over into mainstream music. The public brought the colorism conversation to the forefront, a debate that exploded on social media.

Sárraga went on to explain his position, apologize to Amara, and has turned over a new positive vibes-leaf, and he and Amara are friends who have put the drama behind them. However, as Sárraga escapes the conflict, Amara can't help but find herself surrounded with accusations coming from all directions. Rapper Gunplay's girlfriend Keyara Stone said that Amara slid in her man's DMs; former best friend Jojo Zarur has been playing out a storyline that Amara "put roots" on her, a form of indigenous, conjuring magic that can hurt or harm a target; and Bobby Lytes has come for Amara every chance he gets.

The 28-year-old singer isn't letting anyone stop her shine as her music career continues to flourish, and with nearly 2 million followers she doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. Amara recently caught up with The Breakfast Club to talk about what's going on in her life, but you know they had to get her opinion on the reality TV drama with her cast members.

"This season everybody has accused me of wanting everybody's man. 'Cause I'm not busy enough, right?" Amara told The Breakfast Club. As far as the rumors about her sliding into Gunplay's DMs are concerned, Amara said, "That's what [Keyara] said, but out of respect, I understand everybody's insecurities is different. I never had, whatsoever, never had any attraction towards Gunplay. I respect him as an artist and everything else but, you know, no."

Watch her full interview below: