Although marijuana is becoming less stigmatized in North America, there are still some weird rules in the workplace. For example, we don't test to see if our co-workers are raging alcoholics. However, testing for weed is still commonplace at many establishments. One man is now suing Amazon for withdrawing their job offer after he tested positive for marijuana during a pre-job screening. 

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Michael Thomas claims that Amazon offered him a position but then retracted it after he tested positive for weed. The class-action lawsuit claims that hundreds of potential Amazon hires have had the same issue. 

Thomas' argument is that under New York law an employer can't require drug testing for weed, except for certain jobs. Since the Amazon job description didn't mention operating machinery or heavy equipment, Thomas claims that Amazon has no right to drug test him. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in court, with weed being such a hot topic these days. If you recall, Democrats tried to legalize weed at the end of the Trump presidency, but failed due to Republican push back. Do you think jobs should test their potential or current employees for weed?