News that Amber Heard was fired from her role in the upcoming film Aquaman 2 spread like wildfire on social media as people reacted to her supposed career downfall. There were even rumors going around that Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones, would be replacing her alongside her former co-star Jason Momoa. According to a senior writer from The Hollywood Reporter, those reports may not have been as believable as they seemed.

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The rumors stated that Amber Heard, who has been a headline mainstay because of her libel lawsuit involving Johnny Depp, was fired because she failed to comply with the film's health clauses. Aquaman 2, which is currently slated for a release in December 2022, was set to add Emilia Clarke as Heard's replacement but, according to a senior writer for The Hollywood Reporter, the initial articles about Heard's firing may have been inaccurate.

"Told by a reliable source that reports of Amber Heard being fired off 'Aquaman 2' are inaccurate," tweeted Ryan Parker, a former member of a Pulitzer Prize-winning breaking news team. The reliable source didn't offer more information than that, so this remains a confusing topic. 

This was a story that took over social media timelines this weekend with countless people commenting and even celebrating the news. Obviously, those folks will be upset to hear that Amber Heard may not have actually been outed.

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We'll continue to keep you updated on this story.