What better hype man could you ask for than your mom? On Tuesday, Amber Rose posted a video of her son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, absolutely killing it with his dance moves. As Young Thug and Lil Baby's track "Bad Bad Bad" plays, little Bash whips out his hottest moves and puts us all to shame. Amber captioned the post, "Sebastian vibin with his Uncle Joey," referring to her personal assistant, Joseph Isaiah, who appears alongside Bash in the video, trying to keep up with the kid. Plenty of people in the comments made sure to hype Bash up as he flexes on all of us.

It's clear that Bash has a great support system in place. Amber and boyfriend Alexander Edwards, who goes by A.E., attended Bash's baseball game last month with his father and Amber's ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, and Wiz's girlfriend, Aimee Aguilar. Amber and Wiz have always remained amicable exes despite their divorce, which no doubt has had a positive impact on their son. Bash also became a half-brother recently when Amber and A.E. welcomed their first child together in October, a son whom they named Slash Electric. Amber recently underwent full body surgery six weeks after giving birth to Slash, and is likely in recovery right now.