Amber Rose's politics have finally taken center stage, or at least her celebrity has attracted multivarious shades. Rose sat down with The Raw Word hosted by Michael Eric Dyson to discuss sex and dating, and offer her general insight onto her areas of knowledge, so to speak. 

The conversation veered towards the topic of feminism, to which Amber Rose was careful not to placate her words. Amber has long been a divide and conquer topic among feminists who either abhor her overt sexuality, or alternately view her as a worthy spokesperson against oppressive structures. 

On the commodification of women's issues she stated that white women of power have stolen the podium for themselves.

"It’s kind of very frustrating to me, because all of a sudden, feminism became such a mainstream thing, now white… no shade, white rich actresses start coming out and saying, ‘Me too, me too.’"

She goes on to list off the disenfranchised voices who she believes have been muted by these women of power.

"But what happened to all of us? What happened to the strippers, and the LGBTQ community? And the black girls in college… Like, you know, no one wanted to talk about these people. And now, all of a sudden… Going past that, even, like, black women don’t even make half as much as white women in movies."

As long as black women receive lesser compensation, the comprehensiveness of the #MeToo Movement must be questioned. Amber Rose continues to be a critical piece in our examination of gender issues.

[via TheShareRoom]