Amber Rose has particular tastes. After coming through with claims of missing the scent of strip clubs and the feel of ass-clapping, the model is back on social media with what some are calling "a weird flex." Rose is the proud guardian of a snake who apparently likes to Netflix & chill.

The social media star uploaded a clip of herself getting cozy with her pet. The video shows the duo laying in bed. Cleopatra, the reptile, appears to be calmly watching the screen while Rose strokes her scales. Amber adds some context to the post, saying, "Me and Cleopatra, we like to watch Shameless together," before cooing, "My little baby girl."

Her pet is getting mixed reviews based on her comments. Some people are worried about her kid's safety while others suggest the repurposing of the boa constrictor for fashion use. One social media user commented, "Hope she doesn’t get too cozy near your neck."

The baby boa may be small for now but could pose a threat if she becomes overly affectionate with her owner. Amber doesn't seem concerned with the possibility of being hugged to death by her pet making the concept of being in bed with a snake seem mundane. The pet's name does, however, honor a glamourized death.