Amber Rose has seemingly been living the good life, according to the popular sense of the term which prioritizes financial wealth over other kinds. Still, the entertainer misses her "struggle days," the period of her employment as a successful stripper. Rose flaunted some of her casino winnings on the gram. Her caption combines humor with an unexpected admission.

She uploaded a clip flaunting her bling, manicured hands and fanned out bills, writing, "I won this money on a slot machine tonight..... but honestly, I wish I earned it at the strip club clapping my ass. I miss the pole, the smell, the feel of it, the money falling on my body and the reaction I use to get as I walked on stage. Sometimes I wish I could go back but now I just clap my ass in the privacy of my own home 😔😥🤦🏼‍♀️"

Denise Truscello/WireImage

Many fans were "encouraging," telling Rose that it wasn't too late for her to return to the stripping. Others were somewhat impressed with her casino earnings. One commenter wrote, " Lmao the video made me envious but the caption made me bounce back to reality." Some of her following wondered where her child was during her night on the town as if Amber Rose was unable to afford childcare.