Some people will go to great lengths to meet a celebrity, even if it potentially being seriously injured in the process. We've already seen one perfect example of this from Cardi B and Offset's Met Gala autograph seeker, but now another fan has found himself on the wrong end of a security team, this time at an Amber Rose club appearance. 

Just minutes before Amber was scheduled to arrive at Decades DC in Washington, DC, a massive brawl broke out outside the venue. According to TMZ, who captured the whole thing on video, a man, trying to muscle his way into the event, decided to scrap with the group of massive bouncers outside the venue. 

Dude was clearly on one, as he was determined to catch a fade despite a girl trying to hold him back. The fight escalates to the point where the man gets placed in a headlock near the curb of the street. After wiggling out of his constraints, a knockout punch from one of the bouncers finds the man slipping and falling into the street, where his head makes contact with a passing car. Ouch. 

Amber apparently arrived at the club in the middle of the brawl, but had to circle around in order to avoid getting caught in the middle of it. While the man didn't appear to have any outward injuries from the event, getting your head knocked that hard can't be good for the brain. Check out the video of the brawl, and Amber's appearance, down below.