Five-year-old Bash is one of the cutest celebrity kids in the world. With Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa co-parenting their son, he is growing up to be a funny, smart and outspoken child with Amber proudly showing off his accomplishments on her social media outlets. While she publicly vented on her Instagram story earlier today, the model and Slut Walk organizer posted a clip of Sebastian sitting in a fancy three-wheeler while detailing everything that went on in his day. Although a five-year-old's stories are usually mundane, Bash's account of his day is genuinely adorable.

"Today, Amber Rose and me are just chilling at the house. Then, we went to my mommy's work and my mom was filming, and I was crying 'cause I wanted my mommy," told Bash to a nearby Amber. Noting that he ate a snack to calm himself down, Bash asks a man off-camera if he can take the car for another spin. Amber quickly tells her son not to use her full name before reluctantly considering whether to take Bash for a ride in the Vanderhall whip he is sitting in. The ride starts at around $30K and, luckily for pedestrians on the street, it's likely that five-year-old Bash was not the one driving the vehicle.

Sebastian is still rocking the blond locks that he whined about for years in the video, not outgrowing the trend just yet. Check out the video courtesy of Amber's Instagram page below.