Amber Rose seems to be living it up with her new boo, but the road to happiness hasn't been easy. The celeb has gone through a string of toxic relationships and decided to warn her fans about the kind of individual that could reel them into the same kind of abusive pattern.

The caption she attached to an Instagram post lists some of the red flags she wants her following to consider.

"Gaslighted, ghosted, made to feel like you’re always wrong and then find yourself apologizing for things you haven’t even done? Constantly being accused of cheating and doing mean things when you’re just loyal, faithful and honest? Walking on eggshells? Being manipulated that your friends are not really your friends? You my friend, have had a relationship with a Narcissist."

The model reveals that she is currently healing from her own experience in this kind of relationship.

"I have had 3 long term abusive relationships with narcissists but I didn’t realize it at the time. Not until this year Did I start my recovery process from years of abuse."

Rose's advice for people who are experiencing this type of abuse is to simply leave. A clean break is the only way, according to the entertainer.

"If you feel like you are going through abuse right now with a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath you must remove yourself!!! Runnnnnn! NO CONTACT! They are very charming and they will reel You in so fast with gifts and sweet words but look at the signs you don’t want to go down this road trust me!"