While hip hop album sales keep on dropping (along with sales numbers in every other genre), the genre that's the namesake for this site seems to be flourishing in the world of music streaming, according to Nielsen's 2014 report. When compared with ten other genres, hip hop accounted for 28.5% of all streams last year, handily beating Rock, which came in at 24.7%.

In the gallery above, you can view a chart from the report in which you'll see that in track and album sales-- especially the latter-- hip hop was still hurting, but when it only accounted for 17.2% of all music consumption, the genre's streaming numbers are pretty impressive. 

Buzzfeed also reports that for quarter one in 2015, the percentage of hip hop streams was 25%, still beating out Rock by 2%, but falling slightly. Included in this is Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late, which if you'll remember, broke a few Spotify records earlier this year. 

Is streaming the main way you guys listen to your music?