Iconic pop artist, producer, performer, and musical pioneer SOPHIE passed away on Saturday following a tragic accident in Athens, Greece where she lived. Artists of all genres have come together today to mourn her sudden death, sharing their favorite tracks and experiences with the genre-bending, prolific figure. 

Limbo rapper Aminé calls SOPHIE “one of the greatest” in a Tweet on Saturday, writing, “first time i heard her production I couldn’t even grasp what I heard with one listen, I had to run that shit back like 10 times. truly one of the greatest. rest easy SOPHIE.”


Finneas, brother to popstar Billie Eilish, says he was “inspired” by SOPHIE, Tweeting, “Rest In Peace to SOPHIE. I found myself so consistently inspired by her and in awe of her production. Heartbroken to hear this.” 


Producer Jack Antonoff expressed his sentiments as well, saying that SOPHIE was ahead of her time and someone that everyone should listen to. He says, “the loss of sophie is huge. she’s been at the forefront for a long time and we see her influence in every corner of music. if you’re not aware of what she has done then today is the day to listen to all her brilliant work. you’ll hear an artist who arrived before everyone else. an artist who truly had the ideas first and the guts to put it out there. i was never in the same room as sophie but have felt her presence countless times through her work.”

SOPHIE will be dearly and sorely missed. Read more tributes to her below.