On Saturday night, Terence Crawford and Amir Khan battled it out for the WBO Welterweight title. Crawford dominated the fight from start to finish and ended up winning by TKO in a controversial decision. Crawford hit Khan below the belt and after a few minutes, Khan's team ended the fight which gave Crawford the win. Many people are saying the Khan quit, something that he's denied.

In an interview with TMZ, boxing legend Roy Jones Sr. said Khan did quit and that he was disappointed with the ending.

"When I go in the ring. Carry me out. I don't wanna go out on my feet if I lost. Carry me out. I rather give it all, or get it all taken away from me," Jones Sr. said. "Amir, I love you as a fighter. I respect you since you were an amateur fighter. You went up 2 weight classes, took on Canelo. You did a lot of beautiful things to show that you have courage."

Jones is now urging Khan to apologize for giving up on the fight.

"This time you were in a no-win situation, and you refused to continue," Jones explained "You stopped at a time we know you could've given more. You didn't give it to us, the fans, your all. You have to apologize. We respect that. Be a man. Be honest for what you did, and move forward."

What did you think of the end to the fight? Does Jones Sr. have a point?