Boxers Amir Khan and Terence Crawford took to the ring on Saturday, April 20th at Madison Square Garden for the WBO Welterweight Title. Crawford eventually won thanks to a TKO decision after hitting Khan below the belt. Usually, such a punch would result in a penalty, but Khan was unable to continue because of the punch which gave Crawford the win. Many boxing fans were confused by the ordeal and thought Crawford should have been disqualified, while some were unhappy with Khan for "quitting."

After the fight, Khan took to Twitter to explain his condition after the fight.

"Peeing blood. The shot was low. The fight was just getting interesting," Khan wrote. "Well done team Terrance. I never quit, I rather get knocked out cold then quit. Good night. Thank you New York."

Khan also explained that he is taking a break from boxing and will have an update for his fans in the near future.

"The last 12 months have been brilliant. After a long layoff with hand injuries I fought 3 times. Lo Grego, Vargas and Crawford," Khan explained. "Thank you for all the support and motivation everyone. Will have a nice break and with my family and friends. I will announce something soon."

What did you think of the low blow? Was it weird for you to see a fight end that way?