Late singer Amy Winehouse's story has been one shadowed by tragedy since the talented vocalist passed away of alcohol poisoning in 2010. Now her lifelong best friend, Tyler James, is speaking out about the tension between them in the weeks preceding her death at the home they shared in London. White spoke about the "massive argument" the pair had before her death about her dangerous and lethal alcohol problem on the UK television program This Morning on Wednesday. 

Amy Winehouse Memorial Outside Her Home

Sylvia Linares/Getty Images

James would apparently storm out of the home for days at a time whenever Winehouse would relapse, only to return days later when she would call him for help. "Whenever she relapsed, I’d leave because I was worried she would think I was supporting that. So I’d leave, and within two or three days, she would say, ‘Tyler, come home,’ and I would come back," Tyler said. 

Though she had stayed away from other drugs in the "last three years" of her life, James recalls lashing out at the singer because of her alcohol problem. "I had a massive argument with her because there were letters from the doctor saying if she drank any more, she’d die," he added. 

One of the times James angrily left the home after one of these arguments ended up being the last. When he returned to their home, he was greeted by ambulances and media fanfare. "It was like a film premiere out there," James said. Winehouse, James' "soulmate" and "best friend" was found dead in her bedroom from alcohol poisoning. She was only 27-years-old. 

James still hasn't fully recovered from the tragedy, stating that, "We were two halves of the same person. I never envisaged life without her."

Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse.