The things we would give to listen to this song. In an interview with Revolt TV on Thursday, DJ Toomp, who is well-known for having worked with T.I. and Kanye West, revealed that an unreleased collab between Jay-Z and Rihanna exists, and is being kept under wraps at Def Jam Records. When asked what he would say was the biggest unreleased song in his possession, the famous producer said he "did a Rihanna and JAY-Z record that’s so f*cking hard." Though rumours spread earlier this year about a possible collab between the two massive stars, this record was made between 2009-2010, and, according to Toomp, "it's a hit." He describes the song by saying that "there are guitars that remind you of this Beanie Sigel record, and Jay is rapping on the guitar part. The beat breaks down with some guitars and then that’s when Rihanna comes on."

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It doesn't look like the song will be released any time soon, since the Def Jam exec that showed Toomp the song was hesitant to share it with him in the first place. "[She] only wanted to play it for me one time. She was like, ‘I’m really not supposed to be playing this for you, Toomp,'" he explained. "She played it, and I was like, 'Play it one more time' and she played half of it. That was my first and last time hearing it."

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Of course, Jay and Riri have made music together in the past, with hits like "Run This Town" with Kanye West, the title track from Rihanna's sixth studio album Talk That Talk, and, most memorably, Ri's breakout single, "Umbrella." However, if this mysterious track is the only currently existing song the two artists have made together, it looks like we'll be waiting a long time for their next collab. But who knows, maybe Jay will be featured on Ri's upcoming album? That is, if she ever releases it.