Anderson .Paak is a busy man. His new show hosted on Beats 1 premiered last week while the artist was hitting the studio with Dr. Dre to complete his forthcoming album, Oxnard (for the 4th time). Andy still makes time to let loose within his grind. His cover of "Lucid Dreams" by Juice WRLD points to his joi de vivre.

The rapper posted a part of his jam with Free Nationals as a preview of .Paak House Radio's most recent episode. The musicians gathered for a surprising rendition of Juice's hit song, adding a punk flair to the emotional track. The video opens to Anderson asking his guitarist, "where's your distortion?" 

According to the clip's caption, .Paak would love to link up with Juice WRLD: "can we get this kid on the show please?!?!"

The jam was part of "Flipped," a segment of the show dedicated to original takes of previously released songs by other artists with an intentional focus on creating an unusual interpretation. Fans can hear the full cover on .Paak House Radio via Apple Music. New episodes drop on Saturdays at 3 PM EDT. Tune in "for live jam sessions, beat battles, legendary cyphers, culture talks, and curated funk."